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The VMHS has 830 students enrolled for the 2015-16 academic year. This population is spread across grades 7 through 12. The school currently employs 45 members of staff. Headed by Principal Mr Boakai Ericsson, the school is primarily funded by the Government of Liberia. The VMHS Alumni Association is working to improve working relations not only with the school but also with the local chapter of the alumni association in Liberia, and other organizations to accomplish its mission.

The Voinjama Multilateral Alumni Association’s strategic plan for 2015-2019 provides a roadmap for the growth of the organization, guiding and building its programs, and defining metrics to assess its performance over the next five years. Through the leadership of the board of directors of the Voinjama Multilateral Alumni Association, school staff, and alumni volunteers, the plan lays out guidelines and strategies that shape Alumni operations and budgets to achieve its delineated objectives. In the 2015-2019 strategic plan, the following Values of the Voinjama Multilateral Alumni Association were established. We believe in: Voinjama Multilateral:

  • its past, its present, and its future Connecting Voinjama Multilateral alumni and friends with one another
  • Involving Voinjama Multilateral alumni and friends in the life of the school through a variety of activities and programs with broad-based appeal, including educational events, volunteer opportunities, print and electronic communications, meetings and gatherings, support networks, mentoring, and career advice
  • Educating students about the benefits and rewards of membership in the Voinjama Multilateral Alumni Association
  • Offering students and alumni opportunities for service and leadership
  • Gathering a volunteer staff that embodies excellence, integrity, leadership, teamwork, creativity, openness, collaboration, professionalism, and fiscal responsibility
  • Encouraging, utilizing, appreciating, and recognizing volunteers
  • Promoting a deep appreciation for the range of human differences, cultures, and potential
  • Boldness of endeavor; strength of purpose; suppleness of innovation; resilience of youth; wisdom of experience
  • A shared passion for Voinjama Multilateral that transcends boundaries, real and perceived, engenders a cohesiveness of spirit, and helps form lifelong friendships

In the 2015-2019 plan, seven goals are set forth and strategies to attain them are listed. The plan emphasizes identifying alumni, determining their interests, and creating or expanding VMHSAA programs for them that target the various stages of their lives. Tactical approaches to and analyses of print and electronic communications are recommended to measure results and determine successes.

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