Custom Application Services
1847 ICT Solutions undertakes bespoke software only when standard or COTS (commercial or open source off-the shelf) products do not present a satisfactory solution. 1847 ICT Solutions’ applications and modules will enable its customers to maximize the use of their existing IT infrastructure. Very often, 1847 ICT Solutions’ frameworks are used to customize a standard product. The following is a list of our application services:

  • Application Development
  • Application Support & Maintenance
  • Integration, Migration and Implementation Services

•  Application Development
1847 ICT Solutions’ application development services include:

  • Development of bespoke software and customization of software packages using APIs.
  • Design, development and integration of custom software modules with existing systems.
  • Design and development of adapters, bridges, data extractors, reporting tools etc. complementing existing software.

•  Application Support & Maintenance
1847 ICT Solutions’ application support and maintenance services include:

  • Providing first, second and third level support.
  • Monitoring and maintaining transitioned applications.
  • Managing change requests.
  • Creating non-existent documentation.
  • Re-factoring code to improve performance, scalability, reliability, availability, security, etc.
  • Creating and implementing training programs for new users.

•  Integration, Migration and Implementation Services
1847 ICT Solutions’ professional services enable the customers to successfully upgrade and quickly take advantage of the applications new features. 1847 ICT Solutions teams work with client teams to undertake the impact analysis to assess the impact of the migration will have on their business thus developing a plan for the migration.

Business Process Management and Consultancy
Our Business Process Management Consultancy covers a broad range of services including the following:
  • Business Assessment, GAP and Impact Analysis
  • Data Migration and Custom Data Migration
  • Configuration, Installation and Verification Services
  • Project Management
  • Super User and Upgrade Training
  • Ongoing Implementation Consulting

1847 ICT Solutions' Business Process Management (BPM) and Consultancy offerings are based on process-centric enterprise integration solutions that address the key issue of integrating all people, processes and systems and allow a business to respond efficiently to the dynamic market place. 1847 ICT Solutions has been providing customers its pool of specialised consultants to augment their resources in various critical areas thereby enhancing their ability to respond quickly to technology initiatives covering various application areas and technology domains such as:

  • Business and Systems Analysis
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Software/ Web Development and Engineering
  • Enterprise Applications/Package Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Database Design and Administration
  • Testing and Technical Support