Our Expertise
With leading edge consultancy and development capabilities, its innovative solutions automate the business processes, reduce costs, increase service levels and ensure a new performance benchmark for the future. Through a strong commitment to quality process, solutions are delivered to clients on time, within budget, focusing on high standard of excellence.
1847 ICT Solutions employs standard software engineering processes to build complex business solutions for a wide range of clients from regional market leaders to small enterprises. Its mission critical is built on the standards and technology of leaders such as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and open source technologies.
As an end to end ICT service provider, 1847 ICT Solutions offers the advantages of consultancy, development, implementation and support services and software solutions in emerging technologies. To build more value into its services, 1847 ICT Solutions harness the strengths of leading edge technologies to enhance the reusability and to reduce the costs of customization and maintenance..

1847 ICT Solutions has been delivering solutions that work with existing infrastructure and have an ability to create a full value chain to commence and maintain the total implementation with an option to choose one or all components of its value chain based on customer requirements.
The expertise that 1847 ICT Solutions bring to the table stems from the number of years of information technology experience and business knowledge that each of its senior team-member carries, as well as the numerous types of projects executed by them.

Our main area of technology expertise include Client-Server Technologies, Internet Technologies, Mobile Technologies, and EDI to name a few.